What I do

I’m creating connection, joy, confidence, empowerment, comfort, inspiration, and authenticity. 

Who do I do this for? Women who want memories of their children/families/selves. Who want marketing/business material. Who want to feel inspired, empowered, confident, and beautiful.

I do this for guys too, but women are the real powerhouses. 


Why I do it

Because it is absolutely so much fun creating images that bring real emotions to people when they see them. To experience a photo session with someone as they feel their confidence beauty start to pour out. 

I encourage my clients to print their photographs. Make wall art out of it. I will gladly help you with this. 

And I do it for these guys>>>>>>>>


For Seniors

If you want to be a part of our Senior Collective , click the link below! There is no fee! All you do is book your Senior Photos with me!

(This is a photo of my Sister!)

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Angela Leisure Photography

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States


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